Wedding photography in Zambia

Wedding photography is one of the most practiced photography in Zambia, it is commonly referred to as the bread and butter of photographers. I place wedding photography as an extremely powerful and timeless act, this is because the photographer is responsible for evidence of a special event across generations.

From the beginning of the event, the photographer helps calm the nerves of the bride by arriving on time to capture these important moments.

Wedding ring and shoes
Wedding dress image

A good wedding photographer takes time shoot the props for the special day, capturing the emotions of the day. Speaking of emotions, capturing the preparations of the bride goes a long way in tell the wedding days story

 wedding photography bride

In my experience as a wedding photographer, it is always great to remind the bride to smile. Despite it being her special day, the stress to make everything flow as planned gets to the couple. A smile goes a long way in the mood of the image.

The event begins, the anxiety creeps in, but it is a beautiful moment. the realisation they are becoming one and creating a beautiful bond.

The first mountain of the event has been covered, and now the together moments to captured

In these moments, the aim is to capture the couple zoning out of everybody present but the themselves. In this moment they only have themselves for guidance and comfort.

Its done and official, the stress has been released. Time for memorable images!

Couple posing for their wedding photo

In my experience as a wedding photographer, the photo shoot session can be stressful and long. This is because the couple is trying to get many images , not only of themselves but with family. My advise to any couple is to carry an energy/soft/sweet drink to help give you energy through out the shoot.

Speaking of energy, dancing moments are a must to capture. This is one of the happiest moments of the couple.

Weddings are timeless events, and capturing is a great responsibility overlooked by many. We are honoured by you our client, to grant us this great responsibility that will last generations.

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