Shoot with Hellen

Meet Hellen Zulu Phiri, a talented presenter at the show “Getting Candid with Hellen” on youtube.

We organised a shoot at The Wine shop in Lusaka, she was styled by Dark Beauty by Sonika, Glam by Queen did the make up and we came in as the photography crew to get the images.

To have a great picture from a photographers point of view, you need to understand the amount of work that goes into it. That’s from picking the right scene; one that has different elements that work in your favour like direction of light, avoiding any distractions, calculating amount of available light in the scene, reflective surfaces etc.

Then picking the right equipment that meet the scenes lighting conditions, and getting the technical settings such ISO, Aperture and Shutter-speed right. If you are using lights like in this case you have to think about the right angle to place them that wont cause hard shadows but just enough so that the images are not flat.

While all this is happening, you may have to think of poses for your model, any other imperfections to the outfit or makeup just to get that great shot.

From the shoot we had, here is the result:

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