AfriLabs Capacity Building Workshop 2022

One of the biggest joys that goes undermined as a photographer is that we get to photograph workshops such a the AfriLabs Capacity Building Workshop which was hosted in Zambia this year. During the process of covering the event, we get to learn so much despite our focus been on the media side of things.

The AfriLabs Workshop is about improving the capacity, sustainability and impact of their community members, they are a community of creative hubs across Africa.

I enjoy covering corporate photography, for it is more than just shooting the different moments that occur at the event, but learning from the event itself. Giving me a sense of luck, or chance to be there in the first place.

I want to thank the AfriLabs management for selecting me as the best photographer to cover their workshop.

The workshop has trainers such as Olamide Johnson, an exciting and engaging trainer at the workshop.

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